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Snitch Cartoon Character Plush Toy

Snitch Cartoon Character Plush Toy

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This Snitch Cartoon Character Plush Toy is expertly crafted with soft, plush material for ultimate comfort and playability. Its adorable design will delight children of all ages. Made with quality and care, this toy is sure to be a beloved addition to any child's toy collection.


  • Movable plush core with a realistic breathing function
  • Soft night light emitted from the belly
  • Soothing music to complete the experience

A gift you will like

More than just a toy

With its realistic breathing simulation and gentle pulse of light, it provides a sense of closeness and comfort, making it perfect for those missing their closed ones or partners.

The benefits of Stitch Calm: 

  • Sense of presence: Realistic breathing and pulsing light provide a sense of physical presence.
  • Comfort: Built-in relaxing music helps calm you
  • Perfect Gift: A loving gift that shows how much you care about your closed one, making the distance less burdensome. 
  • Partner:  Portable and easy to use, perfect for times before going to bed.

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