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3 Mood Toys to Buy for a Friend

3 Mood Toys to Buy for a Friend

Gift shopping can often be arduous and stressful, especially when it is online. It may be difficult to know what to buy for a friend and what they will like. Or you might be unsure about the quality of a product. However, at Octopus Mood Toy, we make gift shopping simple and easy! We have a humble selection of products so you’ll never have trouble finding something to purchase. Keep reading to find 3 mood toys that make the perfect gift for a friend!

Reversible Octopus Plush Toy 

Do you have a friend that has trouble communicating their feelings through speech? This Reversible Octopus Plush Toy could be their lifesaver! With this plush toy, you friend can easily display whether they feel happy or upset.

Choose from a huge selection of 15 colors! This way, your friend can have an adorable new plushie in their favorite shades of the rainbow. 

 Reversible Octopus Plush Toy - Last Day Promotion - 50% Off


Reversible Octopus Keychain

Do you love the adorable and iconic Reversible Octopus Plush Toy but don’t feel like carrying it around all day? Now we have a portable version that you can take anywhere! Enjoy the cuteness of the Reversible Octopus Plush Toy on a keychain. You will be able to express your emotions no matter where you are!

These keychains come in six different colors so you can match them with your outfits! Your friend will love this gift!

 Reversible Octopus Keychain


Reversible Unicorn Plush Toy 

Are you a fan of our iconic Reversible Octopus Toy? Why not purchase a fun take on this hot item? We are excited to announce our newest plush: The Reversible Unicorn Plush Toy! Now you can enjoy the cuteness of the Octopus Plushie in a new shape. This toy is perfect for any individual who has trouble talking about their feelings. With this toy, they can easily flip it inside out to display how they are feeling!

Choose from a variety of four colors to display your emotions. There is no doubt that this makes the perfect gift for anyone, no matter what their gender, age, or background is!

Reversible Unicorn Plush Toy - Last Day Promotion - 50% Off


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