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What's So Special About An Octopus?

We are all familiar with the majestic beauty of an octopus and how they continue to roam our large oceans on Earth. But not many actually understand what makes these amazing 8 armed oceanic creatures so amazing and what they happen to symbolize. In many different cultures and regions of the world, the octopus represents various different aspects of life.  In Native American culture, the octopus and stories about all animals were told to children to help them learn valuable moral life lessons.  In Christianity, fish in general has a huge significance and plays a role of great importance within the Bible.  While, in some cultures such as Japanese, the octopus are represented to convey humour and further also considered a delicious dish and source of food. 
All in all, there are many things about an octopus that makes it special.  In this blog post we will be discussing the many reasons as to why we believe the octopus is the best animal to be used as a mood toy.
The Reversible Octopus Plush Toy is a cute stuffed toy that helps you express any emotion that you may be feeling.  First of all, the octopus will make a great animal to be used as this mood toy is because of its ability to turn invisible.  Octopus are incredibly intelligent and with the help of their system of muscles they are able to change the colour of their skin and help blend into the environment that they may be in.  This ability to adapt to any situation on command is just one of the many reasons as to why this sea creature would be best fit to be represented as a mood toy, so that people are able to easily convey their emotions depending on the fast changes in given circumstances.  
Next reason as to why the octopus is the best animal to be used as a mood toy is because of the power it radiates.  It represents immense strength and intelligence that helps itself get out of tricky circumstances.  We all need to understand that it is completely normal for us to not be able to convey in words as to what we may be feeling at times, so a plush toy such as this Reversible Octopus would be great for helping you feel powerful and help you to express your emotions freely without the feeling of being contained and isolated.  
Lastly, since the octopus does not have any bones, it also has the ability to fit and get out of any confined space as long as their beak can pass through.  Their ability to be highly flexible and bend with ease is just one of the many reasons as to why an octopus is greatly suited to be used as a mood toy. Our moods are always changing just like our environment, so it is important that we are easily able to leave or approach any situation undisturbed and be able to move flexibly just like an octopus would. 
This has now brought us to the end of this blog post, we discussed the many different reasons as to why we believe that the octopus is the best animal to be used as a mood toy. These were just some of the interesting reasons that we thought would help you understand why the octopus is so special and what it symbolizes. Head over to our website and place an order now! Click here to check out our store and browse the entire collection.
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