5 Things You Can Do To Relieve Your Stress

5 Things You Can Do To Relieve Your Stress

We know how difficult it may be to express your emotions and get rid of stress this year! In previous blog posts, we’ve offered our octopus plush toys to help express how you feel to others by simply reversing the toy to display a happy face or sad face. In this blog post, we're going to indicate five things you can do this year to help relieve your stress! This goes beyond just having a plush toy and actually adopting some new tactics into your life that can help you combat daily stressors and issues. Read below and find some tips that you can start doing today! 

If you haven't already, our octopus plush toy makes it super easy to show the people around you how you're feeling. Whether you're in a joyous mood or a more upset mood, the octopus plush toy can display that without you having to say anything. Getting a toy that will help you show your feelings can be a first step to getting rid of stress. You will not only be able to identify how you feel but others can see how you feel and choose how to act around you accordingly. When you have people who know how you feel, it's very easy to open up and make sure the stressors of life do not stay bottled inside. 

Reading and writing can really help you reduce stress! When you write about your emotions you can get things off your chest that you don't want to say out loud, which can ultimately improve your mental health. When you write about your emotions and things that happened to you, you'll have documented proof of how things used to be. You can look back on your past and remember how you overcame them so that you're better prepared for any issues that you may have in the future. Writing can help keep your mind uncluttered and remember what is important to you. Getting lost in a book that you read can also help! So, if journal writing is not for you, invest in a good book… maybe something motivational that can keep you going! 

When you exercise you help your brain to release endorphins which are also known as the “feel good hormones”  in your body. Regular exercise can help increase your confidence, improve your mood, help you relax, and get you into shape. You can do something as simple as taking a walk everyday, take the stairs instead of an elevator, follow along with a yoga video, or go to the gym for a simple workout. All of these can help you slow your breathing and heart rate and keep you focused on something other than stress. There are so many health benefits that come with exercising that can help protect your mind and body. Throughout the day you can also practice breathing exercises to get back to a more relaxed state. 

Whether it be over the phone, FaceTime, text, or in person, it is important to connect with good energy around you. Talking to your friends and family can keep your mind off of daily stresses or any issues that you may be going through. You can also use them as a person for advice or knowledge on things that you may be dealing with alone. You would be surprised how much better you feel after spending time with people that care about you. you can do activities that can keep you busy or just sit and talk and enjoy the environment that you're in.

This may be a hard one for some, but getting enough sleep is key to keeping your stress down! When you sleep you have more energy for the day so you can tackle more within a set amount of hours. When you sleep better, you're able to wake up earlier so that you can get a head start in everything that you may need to do. If you have stress that is work or school based, getting enough sleep and waking up early will allow you to start your work ahead of time. Before you sleep you can take a hot shower, use aromatherapy, or have a warm glass of milk or tea so that you can sleep soundly and reduce your anxieties.

There are your five ways to help combat stress in 2021! You can start incorporating the steps into your daily routine starting now! We think it's important to set a goal to have a happy and healthy year after the hardships that the world has gone through in 2020. There are so many other ways that can help you relax and de-stress!  We wish you the best in the coming year and going forward. If you're looking to purchase an Octopus Plush Toy,  you can click here to shop for your very own.

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