Octopus Plush Toy: What Do The Colors Mean?

Octopus Plush Toy: What Do The Colors Mean?

In the last couple of months these Octopus Plush Toys became SUPER viral all over TikTok. Everyone started to use these as a way to express themselves. By flipping them inside out, the person would be able to show whether they were in a happy mood (smiley face) or a bad mood (sad face). But, do the colors of each octopus matter too? In this blog post, we will simply be talking about colors and how the colors you choose can actually express meaning as well! We believe that everybody picks a color for a reason, whether it's their favorite color or a color that best expresses their personality. Read below and find out what color is best for you! 

For some, the color Grey can be a sign of calmness, intellect, and compromise. Grey can be seen as the “the perfect neutral” or be seen as a balance since it is a color that is between the two extremes, black and white. The color grey can also be associated with being questionable or indecisive, hence the saying “grey area”. If you decide to get a grey colored Octopus Plush Toy, it may mean that you are very calm and balanced or it could just mean that you are a more mysterious person.

The color Pink lives between a bold red and a pure white. You can look at pink as a meaning of affection and tenderness as it mixes the boldness of red with the purity of white. Pink can be seen as a sign of sweetness, romance, healthiness, and innocence. It can be used as a color to reduce the signs of aggression and instead, evoke a “playfulness” feeling. If you choose a pink Octopus Plush Toy, you're probably someone who is fun, bubbly, and sweet to everyone around you.

Many can see Yellow as a very stimulating color! Yellow is the color of our sun, making us feel more inclined to be cheerful, happy, and energized. Many can experience happiness from the color yellow, while others can see yellow as a color of caution! It's an attention-getting color but it can also be very mellow. If you get the color yellow, you probably have a joyful and happy personality! 

Black is such a definite color that evokes a sense of authority, darkness, or power. Black can give off the feeling of mystery, but it can also give off the feeling of elegance. This strong color can be appropriate for those who want to give off a simple, classy, professional look, or it can be appropriate for those who want to evoke a strong sense of emotion - whether it's good or bad! If you get the black Octopus Plush Toy, you may just want to have a simple neutral color that can match with anything too! 

Some people view Blue as a super relaxing color. It is the color of the sea and sky and gives off a serene feeling! It can also be a sign of loyalty while others can see it as a sign of sadness. Depending on your personality, picking a blue Octopus Plush Toy could be a way to match your calm and tranquil personality or it could be a sign of your pervasive emotions.

Purple can be seen as such a remarkable color. It can be a sign of royalty or fantasy and magic. Purple can also be seen as a stimulating color that can evoke a feeling of luxury. It is also a non-traditional color, so it could also be used to showcase “difference”. If you get a purple Octopus Plush Toy, you may be super whimsical and playful or you could just be getting the color of an actual octopus, haha!

All of the colors! The Rainbow can be seen as a mix of all emotions. If you are someone who knows how they feel and can tap into all their emotions, the rainbow may be a perfect example of who you are and how your feelings work. On the other side, the color of the rainbow can also represent hope, creativity, and community! Getting an Octopus Plush Toy in the Rainbow color may just mean that you love all the colors of the world or it can mean something special to you. 

The Color Mash mix can be seen just like the Rainbow one! It can be a way to just evoke all of your emotions at once or it can be a playful way to show your personality. The color match features a tie-dye looking design that can offer a sense of playfulness, youthfulness, and fun. 

There you have it! By all means, you don’t have to follow our meaning of the Octopus Plush Toy colors! Colors can mean anything that you want them to mean, these were just our ideas! We took some of the meanings from Sensational Color. We encourage you to express your feelings by whatever colors you want! We hope you had fun reading our blog post and are motivated to get an Octopus Plush Toy of your own to express yourself how you want. Click here to shop for your own! 

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