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How the octoplush helps children Express their Emotions in a Healthy Way

How the octoplush helps children Express their Emotions in a Healthy Way

Young children struggle with expressing emotions in healthy and sustainable ways, and if punished too often or severely, children will slowly learn and develop to hide their emotions, which is also extremely unhealthy as those emotions bottle up overtime and eventually lead to blowing the cap off and having panic attacks, or melt downs, and can cause severe mental trauma and effect a person on deep, and daily levels, eventually taking away from someone's success. Now, any parent would want their child to be successful, but don't often think about and explore how to express emotions in a healthy way. However, you can use this adorable reversible octopus plush toy, to teach your young children how to express themselves in a healthy way, and set them up for future success. 
For most children, the first relationship that they develop (outside of immediate family, such as mothers and fathers) is not with babysitters, teachers, or pets, but with a stuffed animal. Stuffed animals are known to provide children with companionship, comfort, and can be very agreeable partners in crime, or great scapegoats when it comes to who made a mess in the living room. Stuffed animals are great listeners, encouragers, and sometimes even teachers! 
Stuffed animals are so much more than just toys to children, young kids idolize and protect them because of the security and comfort they provide. Stuffed animals are in fact, building a person's first relationship! That's why it is important to provide children with such toys as anyone over the age of 12 would call it, to start teaching them a sense of relationship, and to express themselves through the toys. That’s exactly why the reversible octopus plush is a perfect stuffed animal toy for your young kids! Through the cute and soft look and feel of the stuffed octopus, children gain an attachment of comfort and safety to them. 
Now that your kid is in love with his/her new and first best friend, the child will want to take it everywhere and for anything. Now you can teach your child about reversing the octopus plush toy inside out and explaining the two sides to its moods. With a quick explanation of the sad and pouty face, linking the use and appearance of that side/face to something sad or upsetting. And vice versa, with the happy, smiling side/face, linking the appearance of it with something joyful and happy. 
This way, kids will consciously turn the octopus plush toy inside out to reflect their mood. They will do so because of the bond and relationship they’ve subconsciously been building with the stuffed octopus, seeing the octopus, as a reflection of himself/herself. Now you’ve started teaching your young child, how to effectively showcase their emotions, without them even knowing. Now you can tackle issues and temper tantrums with a bit of warning, if you see your child with the octopus plush toy turned to the upset side, you can ask them to explain why, and solve it from there. 
Before you know it, you kid will be expressing themselves through the reversible octopus plush toy subconsciously, and will grow up practicing such methods of showing emotions, which is much healthier than just bottling it inside, or throwing a temper tantrum. It’s psychology that can only be understood by the older and wiser! So, what are you waiting for? Get your children ( or yourself) an adorable reversible octopus plush toy to showcase their emotions in healthy methods! Click Here! 


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